What is Changing Lives?

Changing Lives is a weekly newsletter created by me, Wendi Gordon. Who am I? I’m a freelance nonfiction writer on a mission to change lives, starting with mine. You can learn more about me and read some of my other articles here.

Changing Lives contains inspirational stories meant to guide, support, and encourage all readers interested in changing their lives and helping others do the same.

It also contains honest accounts of challenges I have experienced when dealing with unwanted changes and the coping strategies I use to make it through difficult times.

My hope is that readers will benefit from the knowledge and personal experiences I share as they try to make positive changes or cope with unexpected and unwelcome changes.

I also hope to build a supportive community in which readers feel free to share their stories and make recommendations based on what has worked for them. I want us to support and encourage each other as we change lives, starting with our own.

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Wendi Gordon

Freelance writer. Mental health guide. Social justice advocate. I write to change lives, starting with mine! Portfolio: https://bio.link/wendigordon