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That was powerful. And I so agree. I love when you get riled up! :)

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This year is especially sad for me as I have not spoken with my oldest son since Christmas and he continues to send hateful messages to my hubby and through others who will convey his messages to me.

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Lovely post, Wendi. Thank you so much.

One year on Mothering Sunday here in UK* when I was out for a walk a small boy shouted out to me as I walked past him and his family: 'HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!' I thanked him very, very much and went on my way.

I too have mixed feelings about Mothering Sunday. I am not a mother. That's just how it is. But gosh, that little boy was so joyful, and I didn't mind a bit.

I like to think that I appreciate my own parents all year round!

*Our 'Mothers' Day' is in fact celebrated three Sundays before Easter, on Mothering Sunday. It's always in Lent rather than May, which is when most of the rest of the world celebrates Mother's Day.

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I am a stepmother and a step grandmother. I am glad you spoke about mixed feelings related to Mother's Day. My own mother passed away last July 2021. I think of her often, not just on Mother's Day. I loved her very much, and miss her. She was a minister's wife, and in a way I followed in her and my father's footsteps(he was a minister), when I chose counseling as my profession. Recently, at a friend's wedding I spoke a tribute about my parents. I said that they had taught me as a little girl to go up to complete strangers in our church and be sociable with them. For a shy little girl, aged six or seven, it was quite an effort to go up to people I knew or strangers I didn't know to say hello and sociable small talk such as "How are you?". However, I am grateful they taught me this, and they were always nearby me and would assist me in talking to people. I learning the sociable art of tuning in to other people. Tuning into other people's moods and well being assisted me later in my counseling profession. Anyway, the reason I mentioned my parents and what they taught me was that I also acknowledged that my friend ( I'll call her Sally-not her name) had also the ability to talk to other people socially, and to be friendly. I told the audience at "open mike" that I valued Sally being able to do this. Mother's Day was for me full of memories about my Mother, who was the backbone of my family. She was a housewife and also as a Pastor's wife, a kind of social worker. My mother was not perfect, however she tried amend things with us when we and or she got crabby.

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Really appreciate this. It's such a complicated day.

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