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I really appreciate you highlighting energy psychology techniques to encourage people to calm down when anxious, and to calm down when angry. I have used these type of energy techniques many times in my life. Recently, three and a half weeks ago I had left hip replacement surgery -it was March 27th, 2023. Prior to the surgery, I saw an energy psychology therapist, because I was worried about how my skin on my hip would react to being cut open. she and another therapist suggested I form a dialogue with my skin, and inform my skin that even though my skin would feel "attacked" that I explain to my skin that my hip and ball socket was deteriorating underneath, and that a surgeon would be replacing that hip ball and socket with a new one that is friendly to human bones. So I did some mediative techniques. Interestingly, when I came to that was the first thing that "woke" up after I came to. I felt a slight stinging sensation in my skin/ at the incision place. I honestly wish now that I had not told the recovery room nurse, because she gave me another hit of a narcotic. I was too groggy to mount an objection. In retrospect the reason I told the nurses was because I was afraid of more pain to follow that stinging sensation. In the past three weeks I have had quite a few conversations and reassuring energy psychology exercises to reassure my skin incision that it will recover and is very much healing. I got off the narcotics within two days after the surgery. I had a session again with an energy therapist. And yesterday I went to a very good acupuncturist, who put needles near my incision which stopped some welts from forming. My incision was achy at first and I couldn't lay on it for two weeks. Now my incision seems reassured, (it doesn't hurt now when I lay on it- and the bandages have fallen off),as well as my hip, and body that I have the ability, and am healing well. Thanks again for letting people know about energy psychology.

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Very nice links. Thanks for sharing.

For years, I went on looking for a definitive shift that would have let me free of all cumulated tightness.

I’ve realised that it is not the way it works. Exercises are needed every day. Like yoga, in my case. Or the energy exercises highlighted here.

It’s cleaning a flat. We don’t stop since one day it’s clean. Or the dirt cumulates. But if we do a little every day, it gets easier and easier over time.

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Wow, 'washing off emotional dirt' sounds so obvious, but I'd NEVER even thought about it. Thank you so much for this post, Wendi, and for the resources!

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