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I've scheduled a retreat for tomorrow. Over the years I've been better at allowing myself a pause. Sometimes better than others. Being kind to ourselves is important especially if I am going to love my neighbor as myself! Glad you took a pause

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I try to take a pause every morning, by usually a meditation routine, which allows me to slow my breathing down if I am feeling anxious. And the meditation routine is very calming. I did notice later in the day because I have started a painting, my anxiety comes up. It seems to be a performance anxiety. Once I start painting I am fine. So when the performance anxiety came up this time I told myself, "Laura, this happens every time when you start painting, just know you calm yourself down when you are mixing colors, and you will work through it. Even if you don't like how a shape or color is looking you can change it." Then I calm down and just start painting.

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Now I am trying a new routine.

To get done with my core tasks by 11am.

One of the is writing.

I write for 1 hour, in two cycles: 25 min writing, 5 min break, 25 min writing, 5 min break.

During the break I walk around my flat, with a cup of tea in my hand.

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How do my mind, body, and spirit let me know I need to pause or restart?

My body starts to become rigid.

When I get those signals, how do I respond?

Now I am increasingly aware. Sometimes I ignore them. Sometimes I do not ;)

What kind of pause or restart do I need (sleep, nature walk, vacation, new job, etc)?

Walk around the flat, with a cup of tea in my hands.

How can I make that pause or restart happen?

Trying the well know "Pomodoro technique". 25 min of work, 5 of break. Does not work for every taks, but it is doing well for writing.

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This was beautiful. Loved your comparisons, they were so accurate.

As you might have found from my article already, I pause when I'm in nature. Preferably just sitting somewhere peaceful listening to the sounds around me and watching birds or other wildlife. That calms me the most and recharges my batteries.

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