My sister Pris is one of my role models. Although she is really smart and talented, she worked an unassuming job in an office in a large corporation, and she saved her money and funded her retirement well.

She's always there for our family, helping my parents transition to a nursing home, and taking my mom to concerts and flower shows, etc., many times. She handled much of their funeral and other arrangements. She helped my older brother transition from his home to a hospital to a nursing home, and handled all of his affairs from there on out (and he wasn't nice about it at all). She is currently handling all my other brother's affairs, as he's not able to.

She's always there for me when I need support. And she recently offered her finished basement to a refugee family from Ethiopia.

Her selfless service to our family and to those less fortunate has been remarkable. She takes it all in stride—all of the messiness, endless phone calls, and complicated arrangements. She's such an inspiration.

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I love your role models. As a kid, I looked up to Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi as well. Now I love Oprah, Sahara Rose, and Raquelle Mantra (the last three are spiritual podcasters and teachers) because they model to me how they overcame their fears and followed their dreams. I also have peers that are similarly doing the same :)

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